Michael Fox-Rabinovitz

Own a Fraction, Earn a Fortune: The Complete Guide to Co-Investing in Art and Collectibles

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Collectibles and art are alternative assets that have been increasing in popularity and value for many years. Michael Fox-Rabinovitz provides investment advice and consulting services in the collectibles investment field. He is here to show you how an investment category that was once accessible only to the wealthy is now open to all investors!

About The Book

In Own a Fraction, Earn a Fortune: The Complete Guide to Co-investing in Art and Collectibles, Michael Fox-Rabinovitz not only decodes the secrets, nuances, and benefits of collectible assets but provides a road map on how anyone can now access them! Let Michael guide you on how to leverage the collective power of fractional ownership to invest in collectible items which were once unobtainable for most investors.

This book distills everything you need to know about how to use collectibles to build wealth. Including:

  • Benefits of fractional ownership of collectibles for risk diversification and profitable investing
  • Key value drivers for each collectible asset category

      –   Sports Memorabilia

      –  Trading Cards

      –  Comic Books

      –  Cars

      –   Watches

     –   Art

     –   And many more!

  • Which platforms to use and the features of each
  • Emerging collectibles to keep an eye on

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