1. crafting an investment policy to set the philosophy and rules governing the addition of the asset class to the portfolio;
  2. building an asset selection framework to formalize decisions and codify the process;
  3. constructing an integrated portfolio matching all the needs and constraints of the client.
  1. creating heat maps showing both the marginal risk improvement from existing collectibles in the portfolio, as well as incremental risk reduction benefits from adding additional assets;
  2. designing and implementing a rebalancing strategy for the collectible sub-portfolio to ensure ongoing compliance with strategic asset allocation;
  3. performing correlation studies on ongoing basis to detect any shifts in diversification benefits from each sub-asset class.
  1. conducting custom studies on existing portfolios to evaluate their robustness and to investigate the range of benefits from addition or expansion of collectible investments;
  2. preparing in-depth research on specific sub-asset classes that have either been identified to be of interest from prior analysis or have been flagged by the investor as interesting and requiring closer review and analysis;
  3. identifying a set of appropriate platforms for strategy implementation based on the desired asset class mix, liquidity of market and volumes transacted.
  1. monitoring asset performance within and across platforms, creating and generating reports and identifying areas of concern;
  2. developing comprehensive automated execution strategies across platforms taking into account investment sizing, frequency and speed of execution required;
  3. integrating data flow generated from collectible investments into master databases used for calculation of whole portfolio performance and risk metrics.
  1. delivering training programs on investing into collectible assets;
  2. creating customized training materials based on the book and the course;
  3. giving speeches on a range of topics at corporate or industry events.


For investors who want to create a stand-alone fractional collectibles portfolio or incorporate it into their overall financial plan. 
We provide an independent review and assessment of individual assets, by category and platform, that can be incorporated into the portfolio given your investment objectives, risk tolerance and investment time horizon. 
For investors who have put together their initial fractional collectibles portfolio and want to augment, rebalance or divest for tactical or strategic reasons. 
We provide analysis of the impact of desired changes in terms on expected returns and diversification of the new portfolio.
For investors who are comfortable with the space, but want independent opinion regarding the merits of specific fractional collectible being offered on one of the main platforms. 
We provide unbiased review of the asset in question, that can serve as an additional reference point, and a qualified second opinion, helping you make the final decision. 
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