I write because, over the years, I have gained great expertise and unique insights into the collectible assets category and how anyone – regardless of how wealthy they are – can now generate wealth with them through fractional ownership platforms that allow anyone to buy, trade and sell shares of individual collectible items. It genuinely excites me, and I want to scream it from the rooftops! 

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I recommend this book not only for investors but also for those who want to know more about how the current financial market works. In today’s world, you don’t have to be a billionaire to invest in these assets, and you can own a part of them too. – Online Book Club

A beautifully written book on Collectibles and how to invest in them to reap the maximum benefits for the long term future. The title of the book is apt and it is explained in-depth. Sample frameworks and a strategy on how to invest in Collectibles are also explained in the book. – The International Review of Books

Own a Fraction, Earn a Fortune reveals useful specifics about investment areas that people don’t often know much about…Collectibles are driven by personal interest and ability, so an investment in a specific area may depend on where you find your joy and excitement, but a book like this sure would be a good place to start. – Independent Book Review

An absolutely comprehensive and fascinating delve into the world of collectibles investment, and an ‘all you’ll ever need’ kind of guide. Packed with professional advice from an avid collector-investor, this read offers something to beginners and seasoned dealers, and will have you itching to start amassing your own fortune. Highly recommended for anyone even the slightest bit curious about the world and the beautiful objects we create within it. – Self-Publishing Review


“Michael’s manner of writing is easy to follow and understand (and incorporate!) as he guides us through an area of investments of familiar categories as well as emerging and future collectibles (items based on high tech, AI, genetic art, androids…). ‘Luxury goods won’t just hold value; they will appreciate over time.’ This is a fine instructional guide as well as a primer on Investing!” Grady Harp, Amazon Buyer

“Own a Fraction, Earn a Fortune: The Complete Guide to Co-Investing In Art and Collectibles by Michael Fox-Rabinovitz is a fascinating narrative that takes the reader on a conventional path utilizing an unconventional strategy. The conventional path is to increase one’s wealth and net worth by investing. The unconventional method of investing is to tap into the strategy of investing in unique assets and building a portfolio that is well diversified.” Brian Aird, Amazon Buyer

“Michael Fox-Rabinovitz takes a close look at a new form of investing that allows investors to own a portion of expensive memorabilia that they previously would not have been able to own.” Phil Bolos, Amazon Buyer

“This idea has been around a long time, but now that I’ve read Own a Fraction, Earn a Fortune, it has piqued my interest again, especially in these uncertain times. As the author wisely states: ‘After reading this in-depth guide you will know how to realize superior profits independent of stock market performance by including collectibles in your investment portfolio and how to use fractional ownership platforms to unlock access to collectible investments which were once unobtainable. Highly recommended reading.” Piaras, Amazon Buyer

“The author’s writing style is simple, concrete and understandable for all readers. So, I recommend this book to everyone, as a valuable tool to improve returns, to empower themselves and achieve personal goals.” Nela, Amazon Buyer

“Michael Fox-Rabinovitz, who is a successful investor with more than twenty years of experience, takes a complex topic and turns it into a child’s game. He made it simple for people with no previous education and not much experience on this particular topic. I found myself learning so many things about art and collectibles that I’m grateful to him.” Evelyn, Amazon Buyer

 “I liked it because it is different from all the books I have read about finance and it taught me about a world that I thought was reserved only to the wealthy ones. Mr. Fox-Rabinovitz explains very clearly and in a way that is easy to understand and follow…” Celeste S, Amazon Buyer